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Frequently asked questions

A question not developed here?

You can suggest it to us by email camping.lekergariou@wanadoo.fr or call us on 02 98 71 54 65

Camping car

We do not differentiate between campers. But depending on the size of the camper van, its manoeuvrability and its parking time, we offer suitable pitches.

Yes, we have a waste disposal facility available to all campers. This year we are setting up a grey water area.


We ask for the payment of 30% of your stay at the time of booking. For rental accommodation, due to "no-shows", we ask for the full amount of your stay 1 month before your arrival. For camping stays, the balance of your account will be paid 7 days before your arrival. We have taken out cancellation insurance which you can take out when you make your reservation. See booking contract.

We accept credit cards, cheques (payable to Camping Le Kergariou), cash, holiday vouchers, e-vouchers, bank transfers, etc.

Tourist taxes are compulsory, fixed by the intermunicipality and taxed at 10% by the region. On our website you can have your tourist tax calculated when you make your reservation. This will be done automatically by entering the age of the participants correctly.

By entering the total amount of your stay on the website, the amount of your stay will be communicated to you. After validation by the campsite of the availability, this amount is fixed unless the customer modifies the dates of stay or the participants.

We are approved by the CAF (Caisse d'allocation familiale). However, following the reform of the CAF for the payment of benefits, we have not carried out the computerised procedures and we are therefore not a partner of VACAF.

The arrival

On the campsite, we do not set an arrival time, except for closing times and provided that your pitch is available. In this case, it is possible to choose another pitch or to wait until the afternoon. After the departure of the former occupants by 10 a.m., we will clean and tidy up the accommodation if necessary. After this time the accommodation is available. For more security, the accommodation is available after 3pm. Before this time, please ask at the reception.

After parking your car in the car park, you can check or fill in your entry form at the reception. We will check together the services of your stay. For campers, a deposit of 20 euros will be required for the gate access badge and for accommodation a deposit of 200 euros. This deposit will be returned on the day of your departure.

During the opening hours of the reception. For the pitches, these must be vacated before 12 noon. For the chalets, around 10 am. If you have to leave earlier on the day of your departure, you will have to inform the reception so that we can adapt and so as not to disturb the sleep of the other holidaymakers (cleaning, washing, vacuuming).

The pool

The pool is open 7 days a week from 10am to 7pm. At 7pm, we only ask that you do not enter the pool. Occupants may leave after 7pm. We need this time to maintain the pool area, to clean it, but above all to regenerate the pool water and to rebalance it in chlorine and PH.

All campsite residents have free access to the pool. Children who cannot swim are provided with buoyancy aids exclusively for the pool and are accompanied by an adult.

The pool is not supervised by a lifeguard. The pool is therefore not open to the public from outside.

To avoid damaging the water in the pool, clean clothing is mandatory. Access to the pool is via the foot bath and a shower is compulsory. Unsuitable bathing clothes and other objects lead to an overconsumption of products and cause inconvenience to bathers (chloramines). As we are unable to control the bathing attire, the origin and the previous use of the objects, the Regional Health Agency has therefore forbidden swimming shorts as well as all objects coming from outside (large buoys, used chips, balloons, air mattresses, snorkel masks, etc.). During the season, we organise an aqua kids, reserved for babies and children who cannot swim and their parents. We provide a structure of motor skills, mattresses, fries, various games...


We regularly install bollards on our structure. Today, we have 70% coverage. Of course we are dependent on your reception equipment, as well as the geography and structure of the accommodation (Faraday cage in the mobile homes)

All campsites have the same type of internet access point as a private person. We are located by the sea and therefore at the end. WI-FI would be free if there was no service. Our current speed is 8M to be shared between users... Using the internet for downloading, streaming or bandwidth-hungry network games is highly discouraged and to the detriment of other users...

Some accommodation ranges have TV and wi-fi included in the package. At the reception we offer 15 minutes per day per pitch.


On site

You can enter the campsite on foot at any time. For vehicles, the entrance gates are closed from 11 pm to 7 am. With the badge given to you on arrival, you have access to your pitches. You can also park your vehicle at the entrance.

The electrical connection is made with a European plug. All pitches have 10 amps, i.e. 2.2 kw.

The campsite is equipped with a television room. For special occasions we have a large screen in the entertainment room. All accommodations have a TV connection, and some ranges have an integrated TV.

We authorize gas and coal barbecues under safety conditions: extinguished after 10 pm (risk of flames in case of wind) or in the accommodation or on the wooden terraces, even covered ... For other large electrical equipment, barbecues, planchas, pierrades and others ... we are opposed. We have no local electricity production, and all this equipment works at the same time.

On certain days, we offer activities in the morning for children under 12 and in the evening for the general public. The programme for the week is displayed at reception and in our digital welcome booklet which you will receive by e-mail 14 days before your arrival.


For us, ecology is not a negotiable issue. Everyone must ensure that resources are not wasted.

In the early days of the campsite, campers used to turn the lights on and off in the sanitary block... It was often on. We have now automated the switching off of the lights. The lights are gradually replaced by LED lamps.

On the same principle as the light points, the water points are equipped with timers and economisers. We have planted local species or plantations that are naturally satisfied with our climatic conditions. Strange as it may seem, we do not water hydrangeas, and we do not put UV lamps on olive trees or palm trees...