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Discover Lorient, its base and its festival

Located in the Morbihan region, Lorient is the meeting place of the Celts and is an integral part of the Breton heritage. By spending a holiday at a campsite near Lorient, you will have the opportunity to visit this city many times, but also to discover its surroundings such as Larmor-Plage, Lanester, Ploemeur, or Guidel. Only 25 minutes away, our campsite has everything to satisfy you and allow you to discover this multi-faceted city.

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Your stay at our campsite near Lorient

Close to Le Kergariou campsite, Lorient is a strategic place to combine sports, cultural activities, relaxation and hiking. Take a day trip to discover the history of this city with its military past, or discover the world of sailing. You will not have any trouble finding activities for children: zip line, playground, lasergame, bowling ... You will also find all around the city the wild coast of Finistère and Morbihan.

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What to expect in Lorient

Whether you are a fisherman, a yachtsman or simply a lover of the sea, Lorient offers you an ideal setting. There are many places to discover in this beautiful Morbihan town such as the Base sous-marine and the Cité de la Voile. Lorient is also renowned for its famous Interceltic Festival, which attracts thousands of visitors every year. Finally, Lorient is the starting point for a visit to the island of Groix.

The Submarine Base and the Cité de la Voile

The Keroman submarine base is today a reflection of Lorient's military past. Today, this area is home to many companies but is also a perfect place for history and sailing enthusiasts. In fact, many competition sailboats originate from Lorient, and you may be lucky enough to see one at the base.

On the one hand, the submarine Flore S645 and its museum in the Davis Tower. This visit does not stop at a room with historical objects, you will know in detail the past of this military base with some remains still visible. Then, learn about the use of a submarine. Finally, take a step back in time and walk through the doors of the real Flore S645 submarine.

After this first adventure, on the other side: discover the Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly. Famous sailor Eric Tabarly, who died at sea, is now an emblem of Lorient. In this space, young and old can discover the world of sailing. On the pier side, enjoy the famous sailboats of the navigator: the Pen Duick ("little black head" in Breton). In the summer, various formulas are offered at the Cité de la Voile, including an introduction to sailing. Don't hesitate to stop at the restaurant/bar "La Base" with its superb view of the port and the submarine base.

Discover the Interceltic Festival

In the city centre of Lorient, enjoy a stroll along the marina, the heart of the city. You can also stroll through the shopping streets.

It is in this city centre that the famous Lorient Interceltic Festival has been held in August since 1971. A true meeting place for the Celtic nations, this festival has established itself and its reputation is now well established. Between parades in traditional costumes, concerts, bagadoù championships, fest noz, traditional dances... Dive into the heart of the Celtic universe.

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